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What are DuraHooks?

DuraHooks are super tough unbreakable plastic coat hooks. They are a cost effective way to make your home, place of work, school, nursery, sports club or changing room a much safer, more stylish and attractive place.

The low profile and smooth curved edges of DuraHook coat hooks significantly reduces the risk of impact to the shoulder, head or eyes. The unparalleled strength of the hooks also means that it virtually impossible to bend or break the hooks by hand which eliminates the possibility of breaking the hooks through overloading and prevents unwanted vandalism as the hooks simply cannot be bent or broken by hand.

Why are DuraHooks better than traditional coat hooks?

  • DuraHooks are safer and reduce the risk of injuries from potentially dangerous traditional aluminum or metal coat hooks  
  • DuraHooks bring a modern splash of colour to any room and will brighten and transform your school, changing room, workplace or home
  • DuraHooks coat hooks are engineered to last a lifetime. As such they reduce the requirement to maintain your changing area by eliminating the need to routinely replace broken or damaged coat hooks

Why are DuraHooks Safer than traditional Steel & Aluminium Coat Hooks?

DuraHooks can be used any where traditional metal or aluminum coat hooks are installed to significantly reduce the risk of personal injury to the shoulder, head or eyes which can occur due to larger profile of traditional coat hooks or be caused by sharp and dangerous edges often found on damaged and broken coat hooks.

Are DuraHooks Coat Hooks really unbreakable?

Here at Duratec Plastics Limited we believe that DuraHook coat hooks are quite simply the strongest coat hooks available anywhere on the worldwide market today. In fact, we believe in the product so much that all DuraHook coat hooks are supplied with a Lifetime Guarantee on every unbreakable coat hook we sell. To date over 750,000 DuraHook coat hooks have been sold worldwide without a single reported breakage. As such the guarantee we offer is simple - if your DuraHook gets broken whilst in regular use, let us know and we’ll replace it absolutely free of charge.

Still not convinced? Watch our DuraHook product video which demonstrates the extreme strength and durability of DuraHook coat hooks and if the video still doesn't manage to convince you, then why not order a free sample in any of the 20 attractive colours and put the hook to the test yourself! 

Why are DuraHooks Priced So Competitively?

Duratec Plastics Limited owns the design, tooling and machinery that manufactures DuraHooks and our unbreakable coat hooks are manufactured right here in the United Kingdom. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer we are able to pass on huge savings to our customers and we are certain that our product is the strongest, best designed and lowest priced unbreakable coat hooks available anywhere in the world today!

What Products Are Available in the DuraHook Range?

DuraHooks are available to purchase in three different sizes with each size being available in a choice of 20 fantastic colours. All products can be purchased securely online right now and whether you need just a few hooks or a few thousand, rest assured, our extensive stock levels, secure website and checkout will meet your requirements.