Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire mesh lockers create a secure area to store a range of equipment and personal belongings. Mesh lockers are particularing suitable for installation in drying rooms/areas.

The wire mesh allows warm air to circulate around wet and damp items of clothing whilst keeping it safely stored within the locker itself. Many building and construction sites use wire mesh lockers for workers to dry their clothing.

Another popular use of wire mesh lockers is for the secure storage of valuable stock items and/or equipment. The wire mesh allows people to quickly identify the contents of a locker without actually having to unlock it. This saves time when locating stock or equipment and also acts as a deterrent to theft and reduces shrinkage.

Wire mesh lockers can be supplied with an electroplated bright zinc finish, or powder coated in range of colours. All locker doors are supplied with a hasp and staple locking device. Padlocks are not included but can be purchased separately on the padlocks page.

Delivery 2-3 weeks.