Two Door Locker

Two tier lockers offer the ability to store hung garments such as a pair of trousers or a jacket. Each compartment has a double coat hook mounted centrally.

Two tier locker can be supplied with either key locks (cam) or padlock style locks as standard. They can also be supplied with coin operated locks, combination locks or electronic locks.

Due to the size of the doors on a two tier locker, 3 point locking mechanisms can be fitted (at extra cost) to increase the strength of the doors. Two tier lockers can be supplied in steel, wire mesh, or laminate and can be tailored to suit a wide variety of applications. The two tier locker is ideal for when space is at a premium but also when hanging garments is necessary.

Lockers are treated with ACTIVECOAT, an anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environments. Delivery 2-3 weeks.

Comparment lockers are available in single, two, three, four, five, six, eight or sixteen tier.

Please Note: Nested lockers share a common divide and cannot be seperated.

IMPORTANT NOTE. All lockers are made to order and therefore have a strict no returns policy - it is your responsibility to ensure the locker meets with your requirements prior to ordering.