DuraHook Limited are one the UK's leading suppliers of Probe lockers which have been specifically designed and built for tough and demanding environments. Probe are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of steel & laminate faced lockers which are designed and built for use across a vast range of sectors including schools, colleges, hospitals, leisure and sports centres and Police Forces to name but a few. Their extensive range of storage lockers means you will the find the perfect locker solution right here on our website.

Probe specialise in storage lockers for schools and educational establishment. Cube or Quarto storage lockers are perfect for junior schools. These storage lockers are can be bolted together in a formation of your choice. This enables efficient use of limited storage space. Why not mix the colour of your lockers to brighten up your classroom or storage area.

The twin storage locker is perfect when space is at a premium. Think of it as a standard locker divided into two separate lockable compartments. This give each user a secure full depth storage space for their garments whilst keeping the locker's width to an absolute minimum.

The Two Person Storage Locker provides each user two storage sections in a single locker. Each user has a storage compartment at the top of the locker and a vertical storage compartment fitted with a double coat hook, both of which are accessed with a common key.

Clean & Dirty Storage Lockers solve the problem of trying to keep clean clothes and soiled overalls separate. The locker is fitted with a central steel partition which divides the locker into two separate compartments. Each compartment is fitted with a double coat hook. Identical in size the Probe Uniform storage lockers also have a centre partition. However, the Uniform Storage Locker has three steel shelves to one side of the locker partition for convenient storage.

Please browse our website, we are sure you will find a locker that is right for you. If you need advice or more information about any lockers featured on our website, please don't hesitate to contact the DuraHook Sales Team who will be more than happy to assist you with your locker purchase.