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DuraHooks are super tough unbreakable plastic coat hooks. They are an inexpensive way to make your workplace, school or changing area a much safer, brighter and attractive environment.

The low profile and smooth curved edges of DuraHook coat hooks significantly reduces the risk of impact to the shoulder, head or eyes. The unparalleled strength of the hooks also means that it virtually impossible to bend or break the hooks by hand which eliminates the possibility of breaking the hooks through overloading and prevents unwanted vandalism as the hooks simply cannot be bent or broken by hand.

DuraHook - Main Features

  • Lifetime Guarantee against breakages
  • Manufactured from super tough engineering grade nylon
  • 16 Attractive colours
  • Unique profile – giving unparalleled strength and durability
  • Attractive compact design – perfect for schools and low height coat rails
  • Ergonomically designed with gentle curves and radiused edges