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Coat Hooks for Schools

A major concern of all nurseries, schools and educational establishments is to ensure the safety of the children/students entrusted with their care. For decades now, a major area of safety that has been paid little or no concern throughout most schools across the entire United Kingdom is the hazard presented by many metal and aluminium coat hooks. 

Most of these hooks have been modelled on traditional designs/profiles which means the hooks protude a signficant distance from the wall. Combine this with the fact that most coat rails are mounted at head or shoulder height and you are presented with a very real safety hazard.

Additionally, most traditional styles of coat hooks can easily be bent and/or snapped. This can be due to deliberate vandalism or simply the fact that the hooks aren't strong enough to withstand the rigours and demands of the school environment. Once bent or broken, not only do the hooks look unsightly, they present a further risk to personal injury due to the fact that many broken hooks are left with sharp and jagged edges which can also cause serious (and expensive) damage to personal belonging e.g. coats, clothing and bags.

Until the recent development of DuraHook coat hooks the main solution to the problem was to routinely replace the broken and damaged hooks which for many schools is an expensive and time consuming process.

It was obvious that there had a better solution to the problem and we believe that solution is the DuraHook coat hook. After a long period of consultation, product development and prototyping, DuraHook coat hooks have been exceptionally well received in nurseries and schools throughout the country due to the hook's compact modern design, aesthetic profile, attractive colours and incredible durability and strength.

The low profile and smooth curved edges of DuraHook coat hooks significantly reduces the risk of impact to the shoulder, head or eyes. The unparalleled strength of the hooks also means that it virtually impossible to bend or break the hooks by hand which eliminates the possibility of breaking the hooks through overloading and prevents unwanted vandalism as the hooks simply cannot be broken.

School Coat Hooks - FAQs

Q: Do you offer credit facilities to schools?

A: Yes, we offer instant credit facilities to all public sector educational establishments. Simply email over an official purchase order to and we will process your order.

Q: Do you send out samples of your products?

A: Yes, you can order a single hook or sample pack free of charge on the Free Sample page of our website.

A single hook sample can be ordered in any of three DuraHook sizes whilst the sample pack consists of three DuraHook coat hooks - one of each size/style. All samples are available iany of the 20 bright and attractive colours.

Q: Do you take order over the telephone?

A: Absolutely, simple call our sales line on 01772 804200 and a member of our Sales Team will be pleased to assist you.