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Introducing DuraHook, the Safer, Stronger Coat Hook - Guaranteed for Life!

DuraHook coat hooks are virtually indestructible and are supplied with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against breakages.

The strength of these hooks combined with it's ergonomic design make DuraHook the perfect coat hook for your sports club, school, nursery, business or home.

Broken hooks often leave sharp and dangerous edges and look very unsightly. Whilst traditional aluminium, steel and other metal coat hooks pose their own head, eye and shoulder injury risks due to the distance many traditional styles of coat hook protude from the wall.

This problem is prevalent in many schools throughout the country, especially, those schools that open up their facilities to the general public out of school hours. In a matter of minutes vandals can cause a great deal of damage to school changing rooms or cloakroom areas.

To tackle this problem DuraHook coat hooks were designed and developed. Manufactured from super tough nylon,DuraHook coat hooks have incredible strength and have been ergonomically designed with soft curves and rounded edges, reducing the risk of injury from sharp surfaces.

Our new range of DuraHook coat hooks have been particularly well received in schools throughout the UK due to the hook's attractive colours, durability and all round strength. Primary and junior schools have commented on the compact design of the hooks. Larger, more traditional hooks, that protrude too far can present a hazard to smaller children whose coat hook may be located at head height, but with a depth of just 38mm, these plastic hooks are proving extremely popular with schools throughout the country.


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